I struggle with fear.

Today’s post is actually more of a confession. Or perhaps I should call it an admission – something I’m admitting to myself more than anyone else.

Here it is: there are a lot of things I don’t write because I am afraid. Fear. It’s there and it’s real. Fear of what people will think of me. Fear of alienating my family and friends. Fear of being pigeonholed and boxed in.

Fear isn’t the only reason that I have resisted blogging, of course, but it’s a big one. Maybe, really, it’s the biggest one. And realizing this has been a long, hard, scary process.

Here’s the thing about the internet: people are not interested in nuance. People have no time for complexity and subtlety. Issues that are require a deeper level of thought and engagement, the gray areas, both sides of the story – none of these elements are well suited for our digital age. Give it to me in 140 characters, a headline, a status update, or don’t bother.

And, well, I’d like to hope that most of my thoughts and opinions can’t be summarized quite so neatly.

But you know what? I’m willing to bet that’s the case for most of us. No one wants to think that he or she could be written off so easily. A tweet, a Facebook status update, or even a blog post can’t begin to plumb the depths of our souls, the complexities and contradictions that we all bring to the table.

I try to give people grace. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.

I’ve just been too afraid to trust that other people will do the same for me.

So now I’m doing my best to shed that fear. Be brave, Katie.